While many were stressing out over holiday preparations, this time last year I reflect on being in Utah, surrounded by canyons, in a peaceful and calming environment at Red Mountain resort. Situated in St. George Utah, Red Mountain is mainly an outdoor wellness resort. That is to say it is not like a hotel resort where everything is undercover and like an all-inclusive.

To discover Red Mountain Resort (RMR), you can fly into St George’s airport via Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, SLC, or Salt Lake City. From the airport, RMR will have a shuttle that picks you up for what will be about 30-40 minute drive. When you get closer to the resort all you just see is red in the distance of the canyons. If you need to recover from your Sin City escapades, you can take a scenic 2 hour drive from Las Vegas.

Scenery on the drive from the airport

Of course after arriving, the first thing you want to know about are the rooms. I stayed in a deluxe room that was very comfortable and cozy. I was so happy when I saw a over-sized bath when I checked out the bathroom. I hadn’t had one of those since living in England! I was doing a happy dance! The other room category available was a Villa that are more spacious with amenities such as a natural gas fireplace, balcony or deck and its own pool area.

My deluxe room

My bathroom

The BATH!!!!

Outside look of the deluxe rooms

Rooms in the Villa

Bathroom in the Villa

Living Room Area

Kitchen Area

Pool area

The resort’s size made it easy to navigate around and is surrounded by wonderful scenery. Every day on the resort was a variety of classes to choose from- outdoor activities, fitness classes, cooking demos or just spending time with oneself in peace and quiet. Just note, there may be fees for some classes. The resort also has day trips or adventure vacations that could be arranged in Zion National Park as well as providing access to The Ledges Golf Club which has a great view of Snow Canyon State Park. This course can be played on all year round.

So I should tell you, with the myriad of options available, which ones I chose. One was an endurance hike. This was supposed to have been a running hike but instead we walked very quickly….to say the least on the trail all the way back to the resort. The hike was 5 miles in total. All I can say was there were some great sights along the way but I sure was dripping with sweat afterwards! Check out my videos along the walk! I did 2 cooking demonstrations: one dish was a citrus salad with cactus accompanied with lime shrimp; the second was more about making fresh sauces for dishes. For the fitness classes, I completed a TRX class, pilates and a barre class. And the best part, all was free!

Views on the hike

So we talked about the rooms and the activities. How can we talk about a resort and not mention the food. For every meal that was served or part of the buffet at breakfast and lunch you would always have the calorie amount displayed or in the menu. This was great for anyone who are monitoring their calorie counts and eating habits as part of their stay. In the evening they have a community table where you can meet other visitors to the resort. Alcohol is served in the evening so you can have a little tipple before bedtime. With such a full day, evening activities are limited to one lecture per evening for those who want more quiet time for themselves. But to help you relax in the evening you should try one of their spa treatments. They have a variety of massages and spa treatments to choose from. You can even have a massage treatment in your room if you prefer. Now that’s a great idea! Depending on the package you chose you could also receive a resort credit that can be used towards a treatment. Ask us for more details.

Community table in the middle of room

As like Canyon Ranch, Red Mountain Resort has team of dedicated specialist that can help you with nutrition, physical exercise, medical issues, fitness testing. So with all the options, you need not worry about figuring out on your own.

One additional plus about Red Mountain Resort is that it is pet friendly. So bring your furry animal if you desire or require a companion animal.

So if you are the outdoorsy type or love desert scenery, I would recommend the Red Mountain Resort with its great views and the red rocks of the canyons. Red Mountain Resort is a good choice for those who travel with their pets. It’s a non-tipping resort, so you don’t have to have that stress. With a variety of activities available to clients each day and day trips to Zion National Park, you should have plenty to fill your days, if that is your desire. And for those who enjoy a nightcap, alcohol is served in the evening.

Contact us today to arrange your wellness vacation to Red Mountain Resort.