Je Ju Spa- located in Duluth, GA

Korean Spa, open 24 hrs 365 days of the year.

Are you located in the Atlanta metro area and can’t take a wellness break to a destination domestically or internationally? Do you know where can you go locally to get that self-care time?

As we are based in Atlanta our favorite place for self-care time is Je Ju spa. Depending on where you live in Atlanta, it can take you 30 minutes to an hour to get to the location. It is a Korean spa that is open all year round. The cost is $25 however this last for 24 hours. So if you decided you want to stay for a very long time there you can. The have blankets and pillows and you are also able to set yourself up on the heating flooring around the communal area to sleep there. Take their virtual tour

The spa contains 9 saunas that each have different elements in them to work on the body in different ways and they also have a swimming pool.

Click on the link to read about them.

Within each male and female locker room there are bathing pool, warm, hot and cold, steam room and sauna. The only caveat is that you must be naked in these pools. So if you are body shy this might not be a thing for you. You also have the option of arranging additional treatments (at extra cost) to add to your self-care experience: hip bath (Ladies), body scrub, massage, reflexology to name a few.

Everytime we visit this spa, we feel so relaxed, rejuvenated its unreal. The best times to go would be during the day during the week and in the evenings (not at the weekend). During the weekends it can get very busy and you will not able to reach a relaxed state as it was noisy everywhere.

So if you are wanting a place locally in the metro Atlanta area for some self care time Je Ju spa is a great place to start as you can purchase a variety of treatment, sweat the toxins out of your body and bath in some warm pools to soak the tension and stresses away.