Is 2021 the year that you really get serious about your self care and start putting the wheels into motion to plan THE wellness vacation? 2020 is certainly showing us that our well- being is crucial in times like this. So we can’t wait to show you our Top 10 places for you to visit domestically in the USA or internationally for your wellness needs. These places can help you move you forward in taking care of yourself, help you learn how to manage stress, help you explore new healthy eating habits and more.


Art of Living Retreat Centre

Resting on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a great location to be away from the hustle and bustle of life. The center focuses on helping clients improve their health, happiness, and uses Ayurvedic practices. They offer a variety of wellness experiences including yoga, meditation, and philosophy workshops. They have many nature trails around the property for you to breathe in the clean mountain air. The spa offers a diversity of Ayurvedic treatments, and you have the wonderful opportunity to bring home their ayurvedic skin care to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The center hosts workshops ranging from life-transforming power of breath to meditations to cleanse that have been practised for many thousands of years. This resort serves only vegetarian food and is alcohol free. 

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Pictures of our trip to the center.

Relaxation room with a selection of teas.

Relaxation room with a selection of teas.

Treatment room

Red Mountain Resort

Situated in St George, Utah Red Mountain Resort blends into the red rock landscape so easily. The resort exudes outdoor life as there are many outdoor adventures to be had. From the doorstep of the resort there are many hiking trails to be explored either by walking or running. You even have the opportunity to take a day trip to Mt Zion National Park or discover Snow Canyon. The resort has been offering travelers a blend of adventure and solace for over 20 years. Their most popular package at the resort is the Essential Retreat package which includes three healthy meals daily, guided morning hikes, and the many choices of invigorating health and fitness classes in their fitness center. There are also opportunities to enjoy demo cooking classes, lectures and to see medical professionals to help improve healthy eating habits and to incorporate new daily rituals. The resort also has a spa where there is a selection of nature-inspired treatments. There are so many options for the guests to be active, social, quiet, or very private. This is one of our favorite resorts we have visited.

The picture is from our stay at the resort


Skyterra, located in Toxaway, North Carolina was named the best health and wellness resort by USA Today in 2018. The resort is a secluded wellness retreat designed to help guests reset, recharge and create new habits. It sits on 360 acres however the resort only allows a maximum of 16 guests at one time. They believe in devoting one on one time with each client to make sure they get the best from all the coaches/trainers during their stay. The main focus of the resort and the retreat is to encourage and build new healthy habits which include healthy eating, decreasing stress management and incorporating physical activity. Activities include classes in fitness, yoga, meditation, stress management, nutrition, cooking, health education and outdoor recreation. It does not just stop there, Skyterra follows up with you at home to help you continue on the road to the new and improved you. Spa services are also available on site. We highly recommend this resort on help you create new habits to become a new you.

Pictures from our own stay at the resort

Canyon Ranch- Tucson & Lenox

You have the choice of visiting either locations in Arizona or Massachusetts, however you will not be disappointed with the services. Canyon Ranch has been the leader of improving wellness for nearly 40 years. At each location you will get 5* service in food, physical activities, lectures and spa services. They even have a selection of health care professionals that can help you on your wellness journey. Canyon Ranch has received a multiple of prestigious travel awards from Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, and U.S. News & World Report.

Pictures courtesy of Canyon Ranch Lenox

Hilton Head Health

Hilton head is a leader for the destination resort that focuses on weight loss. Within the resort community they have a variety of medical professionals to help guests along their weight loss journey-  dieticians, psychologists, wellness educators, fitness trainers, chefs and spa therapists. Each guest has their own  personalized medically based weight loss program and they achieve real results. The resort is focused on setting a path towards sustained health and wellness for all their guests. 

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Grail Spring Retreat- Canada

Located in Bancroft, Canada Grail Spring Retreat is a special place for you to immerse your mind, body and spirit. Through an integrative holistic approach, the team supports your quest to de-stress, nourish the body, relax your mind, and reconnect with your self, with life, and with the peace and healing that nature brings.

Retreat stays include healthy plant-based meals, daily yoga and meditation, use of saunas, mineral tubs and healing installations, hiking, and informative evening talks. The spa offers a wide range of treatments from massage to detoxifying therapies to energy healing and life coaching.

Picture courtesy of Grail Spring Retreat

Body Holiday- St Lucia

This is your all inclusive wellness resort that is situated on the Cariblue beach, Cap Estate near Gro Iset in St Lucia. The resort  offers guests a place to recharge, rest and get energized. They offer a wide variety of physical activities ranging from cycling, zumba, yoga, scuba diving and more. 

Their wellness centre has a great team of professionals offering many treatments including acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments and more. They offer a weight loss program, themed wellness months and a wellfit program for families within the summer months.

Learn more about Body Holiday here

Kamalaya- Thailand 

Kamalyay has received many Wellness awards since 2016 for their healing therapies and holistic spa. Located on the beach of Koh Samui, Thailand the resort is centered around a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and retreat. 

The resort offers a variety of wellness programs ranging from detoxification, healthy lifestyle to emotional balance and more. 

Pictures courtesy of Kamalaya 

Waldhotel Health and Medical Excellence- Switzerland

Open all year round the Waldhotel health and medical excellence is a five star alpine retreat that caters to holistic health and is a medical care sanctuary. Situated above Lake Lucerne the hotel has tailor made- programs which are broken down into certain categories and last from 3 -14 nights. There are also fitness activities, a spa and other wellness offerings that are available at this amazing location.

Pictures courtesy of Waldhotel Health and Medical Excellence

Meliá Punta Cana

Are you wanting a wellness resort that is just adults only? Melia Punta Cana will fit the plan. An all inclusive beach resort situated in the Dominican Republic that offer a wellness experience designed to cultivate the soul through relaxation, reconnection, healthy eating and taking care of your body. There are five well-spaces guests can experience during their stay – Social, Silent, Sensory, Culinary and Personal which each assist on working the physical, mental, Spiritual, emotional, social and environmental journeys of guests. Some of the activities available include yoga, bike tours, sound healing, meditation, fire circle ceremonies and more. The resort caters to a variety of dietary requirements and meal options.

Pictures courtesy of Melia Punta Cana

We can’t wait to help you plan your wellness adventure so contact us via email or phone today to start planning the new improved you for 2021.