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The Principles Behind Our Travel Specialization

Wellness Adventures Worldwide strongly believes in helping clients become more balanced in their wellness. Our principles are based on the six dimensions of wellness highlighted by the National Wellness Institute.

Each segment plays an important part for every individual to be balanced in their wellness. Therefore taking care of oneself is so important and should not be taken for granted because who is going to do it for you?

At our company we live and breathe our specialization personally. Each segment is important to our well being. So when you use our services you know you are in good hands. We pay close attention to the special details, we make sure we LISTEN to our clients and we believe in forming a personable relationship with my clients.

If you are ready to take charge of your own self-care, being balanced in your own wellness or are looking to be active or semi active on vacation contact us today.

Let’s Plan a Trip


Our company believes in paying attention to detail and providing a high quality service to all of our clients. Before completing any research, a 30 minute complimentary consultation call will be set up to discuss your travel visions and goals for your vacation.

Once you agree to go ahead with our services we charge an upfront research fee starting that is non refundable.

Hotel Only – $150
*Air Only – $150
Customized Land Packages- 10 days or less (excluding air) starts from $250
Customized Land Packages- 10 days + (excluding air) starts from $350
Customized Land Packages with VIP Services starts at $500

This payment includes the following:

  • 1 quote that represents the best value for your money (Quote is valid for 21 days)
  • Up to 2 major modifications can be made to the quote to suit your travel requests
  • *Air- 2-3 choices of flights
  • Professional knowledge in selecting and recommending travel ideas for your budget, time frame and travel style
  • Use of reputable suppliers to obtain competitive pricing with online sites
*Hotel Only – $150
*Air/Hotel – 2 – 3 choices of flights
**These prices are subject to change without notice for the time spent customizing each traveling experience

Domestic travel: $60** per person
International travel: starting at $100** per person
Air travel- $50 per person

This payment includes the following:

  • Complete booking of itinerary
  • Set up of payment plan (if required)
  • Air- seat choices, dietary requirements, checking schedules up until travel, assistance with changing flights
  • Travel documents sent to you via email or mail along with any discounts offers available at that time
  • Travel tips
  • Consultation & guidance available before, during and after your vacation
  • 24/7 assistance whilst traveling
  • Make changes to itinerary whilst traveling- adding/changing tours (maximum of two changes or additions in total)
  • If a rental property is required 15% will be added to the overall cost instead of a booking fee. 

**These prices are subject to change without notice for the time spent on the booking process.
For group retreats separate pricing will apply. Contact us for more details.


The Wellness Adventures
Worldwide Team

Meisha Brown

I’ve always loved the act of staying in motion and consider myself extremely nomadic. Since the age of two I’ve been traveling the world. Throughout my travel journeys, I’ve visited over 12 countries and hundreds of cities. I enjoy immersing myself in different environments and getting to know each place just like a local. My attention to detail and strive for perfection has given me the ability to create incredible experiences when it comes to trip planning. I truly believe traveling and wellness go hand in hand and hope to provide you with long lasting memories through my services.

Favorite Places I’ve Visited: Essaouira, Morocco, Sant Julià De Lòria, Andorra, Valencia, Spain, Kibris, Cyprus, and Split, Croatia.

Bucket List: Japan, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Montenegro, Brazil, Martinique and São Tomé.


Meet Jason our leader. Originally from New York, he now makes Atlanta his home. A lover of all things history, he spends some of his time teaching young minds about world history, broadening their cultural minds and connecting the past to the present. You will not find Jason stuck in the annals of ancient civilizations. During nights and weekends you will find him exploring local cultural food and drink establishments, enjoying today’s diverse communities.

When he is not exploring locally then he is packing his bags to explore the sights of Europe or the Caribbean. What would be more exciting than to see the structures, sights, and sounds of worlds centuries old? In his downtime, Jason is highly focused on being balanced in terms of wellness as he is an avid runner and he enjoys Bikram yoga. To give back to his local community, Jason also volunteers his time at a local Freestyle wrestling club. So please reach out to Jason for your next travel adventure. And don’t worry, you won’t ever be quizzed on the history when you return.


At Wellness Adventures Worldwide we always take pride in giving our clients the best for their vacations. We also believe it is important to give back to our communities locally, nationally and internationally. Every vacation we sell at least 1% of our money goes towards these charities.

Hungry Hearts’ missions is to “uplift Atlanta low-income residents with their outreach programs and community developments.” Wellness Adventures Worldwide frequently helps feed the homeless in downtown Atlanta, donates food items and clothing as well as help support the charity through Amazon.com purchases. If you would like to help please visit their website by clicking on their name above.


Kiva Fund is all about lending money to help people create their dreams and goals around the world of owning a business. You can choose to loan $25 or more but your loan is eventually paid back by your chosen person. You get to help many people develop their businesses so they themselves can become successful.



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