Wellness Adventures Worldwide dedicates itself in ensuring it offers the ideal vacations, adventures and retreats that suits the unique needs of each our clients. We make an effort to personally know what experience you will have from the time you check-in until you return home. We will do our best to describe what each location or package has to offer and will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Skyterra -Lake Toxaway, NC https://www.skyterrawellness.com/skyterra-wellness-retreat/

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, Skyterra is just a half day’s drive from Atlanta (3hr 50 mins) and 36 miles from the Asheville Regional Airport .

Many may be familiar with retreats in distant countries and in the deserts and mountains out West. But for those living along the East Coast and Southeast, there are places to rest, rejuvenate and refresh closer to home.

Skyterra is located with 310 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by towering green trees, peace and quiet.

The check-in experience was straightforward at the lodge at the entrance of the compound. Keeping with a healthy mindset, the cabins were a ½ mile walk, allowing you to take in the expansive green space and settle into the mountain retreat.

As much as we would like to be completely free of the world (or just job, family, and friends), Skyterra recognizes that a line of communication is still vital, so wi-fi is available and for those with difficulty with the mobile phone reception. The resort will provide you with a phone to make calls if necessary. Although you are encouraged to walk (this is a wellness retreat), golf carts are available for those who may find their mobility limited.

Along with the cabins, other buildings within the resort, include a dining hall, fitness center, and spa center, all accessible via walking or golf cart drive. What is a mountain retreat without a lake? Located close to the fitness center is wonderful lake, where one can engage in paddle boarding, fly fishing, or hike along trails around the lake. It matters not how beautiful the place is if the staff leaves you feeling in the dumps. The Skyterra staff are very resourceful, caring, and helpful.

Outside of the new cabins

Inside the cabins

Panoramic view of lake

Dining Hall

Fitness Centre Building

Fitness Centre- Massage Rooms

Swimming Pool (overlooked from the Dining Hall)

Downstairs in the basement- Fitness area

Workout room

Now that we have provided a brief overview of where you will be staying, let’s talk about what you will be doing. This is a wellness retreat correct? The primary goal of  Skyterra is to help you be a better YOU. The staff will work with you one-on-one to help you, through self-discovery determine what your goal(s) are; self-esteem, weight-loss, self-care, improved nutritional habits and so forth. Upon arrival, you will receive a fitness assessment and, if you do a minimal week stay, you will be monitored to see what changes you achieve during your stay. No worries, weekend stays are available for those who just need a moment’s away to refresh themselves.

Along with the assessment, there is a wealth of activities for mind and body. Wellness Adventures Worldwide participated in aqua yoga, TRX class, bootcamp and a knee mobility classes. We also participated in “eating right for you” nutrition classes along with cooking demonstrations. We also began and ended each day with meditation. If you are there for a week or more, the activities repeat throughout the week. You can learn about all the activities available to you here (https://www.skyterrawellness.com/fitness-classes-activities/)

Now with all these activities, what about the meals? All meals are very healthy and clean, designed to meet most dietary requirements and specificities. Importantly, you will get the correct servings based on your fitness assessment, alas there are no desserts. Do not fret, there are healthy snacks of fruits and nuts.

Cod with Sweet Potatoes with Cauliflower Puree and Chimmchuri sauce

Grilled Chicken with Cauliflower Rice and Vegetables with a Red Pepper Dressing

Roasted Beet with Pumpkins seeds and Chimichurri sauce

Chicken and Cashews with Quinoa, Asparagus and Spinach.

So if you are on looking for a Wellness Retreat Resort in a mountain setting, consider Skyterra.

Location: Western North Carolina, Setting: Cabin & Houses, Staff: Family feeling within the time I was there, Wellness: Weight loss, Self esteem, Increased/improved exercise routines, Reset from increase exercise, from overworking. Capacity of Guest: 16 for single occupancy, 32 for double occupancy.

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