Wellness Adventures dedicates itself in ensuring it offers the ideal vacations, adventures and retreats that suits the unique needs of each our clients. We make an effort to personally know what experience you will have from the time you check-in until you return home. We will do our best to describe what each location or package has to offer and will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA – https://www.canyonranch.com/lenox/

Located 1hr 20 mins drive from Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, CT, served by all major airlines.

When you think of Canyon Ranch, for many the first image that comes to mind are picturesque locale in the Arizona deserts. However if the cool, tree-filled venue is more to your liking Canyon Ranch, Lenox has something to offer you as well. Flying into Windsor Locks, Connecticut, you are welcomed by a Toyota Sienna minivan to whisk you away on 80 minute trip to their Berkshire’s resort. And while unwinding from what can be the stress-invoking thing we call air travel you will be provided with fruit and water as you unwind for the journey.

Upon arrival, you enter a long driveway that opens up to an expansive green space with the manor house to the right. The beginning of any trip, especially a spa one should be stress free and Canyon Ranch understands that with a an easy check-in process topped off with a water bottle and a program with all the available activities in a nice cotton bag.

There are three room categories; Deluxe, Executive, and Executive Suites. I stayed in a renovated room deluxe room with the usual amenities, including a robe. In keeping with maintain and environment of peace and harmony, cell phones are restricted to to your room and outside in communal areas except near the spa.

Of course, with all the green space, you want to explore. The resort is easy to navigate with the every path under covered walkways as the weather changes during the course of the seasons (we are in New England). So why would you want to walk about? To attend all the potential activities the resort has to offer. There are a variety of lectures to satisfy most interests regarding health, wellness, spiritual guidance, and the creative arts. In addition there are:

  • 22 fitness classes
  • 33 Dance/Flexibility/Mind & body classes
  • 10 culinary demos
  • 24 outdoor activities
  • 14 strength training classes

Different levels of challenges (Low impact, intermediate, advanced) can be scheduled over the course of a week. Some of the activities require fees separate from what is included in your stay but can be done one-on-one.

As it is very important to stimulate our minds and bodies, one must also take time to rest and repair it as well. Canyon Ranch provides a variety of spa treatments: massages, ayurvedic massages, Asian therapies, body wraps and more to restore and rejuvenate.

In addition to your day’s activities, an evening activity is scheduled each day at 8pm: comedy, lectures, music lesson,trivia, bingo, etc

In support of all these activities, Canyon Ranch provides a staff of professionals onsite to help you optimize your overall health and well-being: Nutritionists, Doctors, Clinical Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Healing Therapists, Life Management Professionals and Spiritual Awareness experts to help your overall health. To better serve you in this regard, you can fill out a health questionnaire before arriving so Canyon Ranch can determine what goals you have, what programs would be right to achieve said goals, and recommend what health and wellness experts to see (these services can be used with the resort credit you receive or paid separately). The instructors, as expected, are very knowledgeable and there is always two of them per class. Be aware there are so many choices, it would be difficult to do them all.

And of course, if you are at a wellness resort, what about the food? There are plentiful health choices. But do note, you have to make reservations to eat in the main dining room. There is an opportunity to meet other guests around a community table from 6pm in the evening. Although the food was good, some items could use a little more seasoning. Also, don’t expect to see your suburban eatery portions. Serving sizes lean towards more what you would find in Europe, so they may be a little small for some. For those needing a little more, there is a cafe for snacks and to-go boxes. And for those who look forward to a little nip during or after a meal, you may have to wait until you get home since no alcohol is served on site.

Fried chicken (not fried) with cornbread and collard greens

Lamb with Mashed Potatoes, Leeks and Butternut Squash Puree.

Ground Beef Taco with pineapple salsa and cilantro

To give you a better sense of what an extended weekend (4-day/3-night ) would look like, here is what I did during our stay:

  • Canoeing & Hiking – 2 miles hike, 2 mile canoeing on Upper Goose Lake
    Tabata & TRX – high intensity training for 20 seconds with 10 second rests x 8 rounds, then TRX exercises, 1 minute x 3 rounds
    Mid-morning stretch – stretching out the body, legs, back, neck
    Yoga for a Healthy Back – yoga poses that help strengthen the lower back
    Sound Meditation – with the use of a variety of sounds, being still and meditating through the hearing of sound
    Lecture – How to create miracles in your life; how to create the right path for yourself in life to achieve optimal results
    Lecture – Self Care: Techniques for Balancing Your Energy System; How to be aware of your energy flow in the body, scan the body and create balance.
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Spin Class – Beginning/Intermediate
    West African Drumming-Experience the healing power of the drum. Learn basic hand drumming techniques.



Though I had a full schedule during my time, I felt like a new person at the end. I gained tools and insights that will help me on a daily basis to be a healthy and successful wife, mother and entrepreneur. Canyon Ranch helped me realize the importance of taking time out for self-care. I will now make it a regular habit to attend a wellness resort at least twice a year to reset from my busy life and to keep grounded.

Location: Lenox, MA, Setting: Deluxe rooms, Staff: Professional, many experts in the fields of health and wellness. Activities: Numerous activities, lectures, and courses, Wellness: A good choice if needing tools to stay focused and be grounded.