Have you always dreamed about taking a trip to Bora Bora but wanted to read more information before booking? Here is 10 pieces of advice to help you make your trip a more enjoyable one without there being any surprises!!

1. Waterboat Taxis- In order to get to hotels that are off the main island of Vaitape you have to travel by boat which is the only means of transport. Therefore be prepared to pay $25+ round trip if you want to leave your hotel to travel to the main town or if you don’t have transfers included in your vacation.

2. Swimming in the Lagoon- All the overwater bungalows do have their own access to the lagoon where you can swim at your leisure. For the less strong swimmers be careful of the current as it is can be quite strong and can move you away from the bungalow quite quickly. Therefore requesting a bungalow in shallower water would be advised for this.

3. Hotel Food and Drink- As you can imagine with all island vacations, many items have to be imported therefore prices for food, drink and amenities do cost more than normal. Be prepared to pay higher prices. It is strongly advised to book full board if you like to eat every meal, as an average meal at the hotel can cost you between $30-$50 per person. If you like to skip lunch then half board would be appropriate. (breakfast and dinner) If you like to drink also then an all inclusive package would be you best bet. Drinks range from $8-$25. Soft drinks are not free and they can quickly add up too. You can however bring your own alcoholic drink to the hotel or travel to the main island Vaitape to stock up if you run out!!.

4. Check in at 3pm Depending on the time of day you arrive at your hotel be aware that anything you eat or drink (regardless of your meal plan) will get billed before 3pm. Therefore plan ahead if you don’t want to get charged.

5. Main Bora Bora Island- On the main island which is called Vaitape it is highly recommended to rent a moped, a car or twizy to explore the island, which only takes one hour to go around. (see picture below- seats 2 people) There are also a few restaurants on the island that you can visit to experience the local eats.

6. ATM machines- The only ones available to visitors are the ones situated on the main island Vaitape. Hotels do not have them. They will charge your credit card for any charges made on the resort. So if you need to use cash make sure you have some with you.

7. Go Green- Some hotels will offer hotel points or monetary credit that can go towards food and beverages just for reusing towels. This is very easy to achieve and can help towards your meals during the day or drinks.

8. Special Occasions- If you are celebrating a special occasions tell the hotel before you arrive and they could provide you with a half bottle of champagne. (Honeymoons, Anniversaries)

9. Watersports- Some hotels will offer non-motorised water sports for free (kayaking, paddle boarding etc). Make use of them.


(All information provided was based on staying at the Le Meridien Hotel- Bora Bora)

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